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Update on Disney's Dinosaurs movie

>From the darkhorizons movie news web site.

Dinosaurs: At last, someone has found a use for University lecturers other
than as a sedative. 'Brian' was talking with one of his tutors at the
Univ. of California who managed to get into the Disney Studios. While
there the tutor was able to confirm three things about the predominantly
CG-animated project "Dinosaurs" which is in the works - 1: A tentative
release date of May 2000 (likely the Memorial Day holiday) has been set.
2: The heroes of the film are lemurs rather than the 'first mammals'
because they were "ugly rat-like creatures", while lemurs are so much more
marketable as cuddly toys. 3: The CG dinosaurs will apparently make the
"Jurassic Park" dinos look about as real as a teletubby.