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Re: "Dinos of a Feather" (ABC Science News On-Line)

Brian (franczak@ntplx.net

>> << So, the Peabody has moved to Massachusetts then? >>
>> I think (don't know for sure) they're talking about some small museum at
>> Peabody, Massachusetts, not the Yale Peabody Museum. (Aren't they? If
>>not, boy
>> is that a blunder.)
>My SVP address book lists Jacques Gauthier's address as New Haven, home
>of the Yale Peabody. 'Course, I haven't been down there since the Ostrom
>Symposium a couple of weeks ago, so who knows what might have happened
>in the meantime. ;-)
Harvard has a "Peabody Museum" on its campus, a name which I _think_
includes the natural history museum as well as some other displays. Sombody
must have looked up "Peabody Museum" and found the one at Harvard but not
the Yale Peabody. Yet another example of the importance of unambiguous
nomenclature. -- Jeff Hecht