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Sunday, Feb 28, 1999 Matt Troutman also wrote...

<There sure are coelurosaurs outside of Aves that have an acrocoracoid,
though it is known under a different name: biceps tubercle (Walker,
1972).  Actually most maniraptoriforms seem to show this character
(Ostrom, 1974, 1976a, 1985, 1994; Paul, 1988; among others) which is
related to the elevation of the supracoracoideus abductor system (Paul,
1988; Tarsitano, 1985; Walker, 1972).  Dromaeosaurids, oviraptorids,
troodontids, ornithomimids, tyrannosaurs, and therizinosaurs all show
some modification of the acrocoracoid process so it is undoubtedly a
synapomorphy of maniraptoriforms+birds.  I don't know the distribution
of this character among other avetheropods.>

If its not a fully developed acrocoracoid process (as was found in
Protoavis), then it`s a good candidate for an indication of secondary