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You can information about the Dinosaur National
Monument on-line (including the Dinosaur National
Monument Association, dinosaurs, and books). The
park was created in 1915 for the unmatched deposit
of Jurassic dinosaur bones found in the Morrison
formation. The unique natural exhibit of over 1500
dinosaur bones, in their final resting place, were
deposited in an ancient river bed turned to stone.
Today remnants of that deposit form one wall of the
Dinosaur Quarry Visitor Center.

Go to http://www.cyberspacemuseum.com/news1n.html 
to learn more. 

You can now explore Fossil Butte National Monument
at its detailed web site. This 50-million year old lake
bed is one of the richest fossil localities in the world.
Recorded in limestone are dynamic and complete
paleoecosystems that spanned two million years.
Preservation is so complete that it allows for detailed
study of climate change and its effects on biological
communities since it has preserved plants, insects, fish,
reptiles, and mammals.

Go to http://www.cyberspacemuseum.com/news2n.html 
to learn more. 

You can now explore the fossils and the sediments of
Arizona in detail at the on-line Arizona Sedimentology /
Paleontology Guide.  You can explore a variety of
sediments including the fossiliferous Redwall
Limestone of the Pennsylvanian or the red beds of the
Moenave Formation of the Jurassic which contains the
footprints of theropod dinosaurs.

Go to http://www.cyberspacemuseum.com/news3n.html 
to learn more.

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