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skin impression /troodon question

Hi, I hoping you can answer a few questions for me. I have a piece of
sandstone type of material with a skin impression. I have looked both in
my Gluts book and Currie/Padian book. There is not a lot of imformation
and the closest thing I was able to find was  a picture of a Hadrosaur
skin impression in the Currie/Padian Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs on page
438. I would appreciate any other source that might be of help. Also is
there any type of preservative that should be put on this specimen.
Another question I had dealt with Gluts Dinosaur the Encyclopedia on
page 935. It appears from the drawing with the scale that the ungual for
the Troodon is only about 1/2". Is this correct? Thanks in advance for
any help. Ron