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Behavorial Paleontology

Hello All,

I am usually a lurker on the Dino Mailing List, but today I realized that I 
have a very pressing matter - a report on behavorial paleontology is due 
Monday. While I am scouring my 1000's of dino books, could anyone with 
information on this topic please send it on over to me via either the list or 
by emailing compy07@email.com. The information I'd like would be about any 
particular genus of dino that substantial speculation has occured, i.e. 
Maiasaura, Deinonychus, Tyrannosaurus, etc. Thanks so much! (BTW, you may be 
asking why I did such a report on something that I'm not an expert about? Well, 
first off I like to learn. And second of all, I love dinos, and the teacher 
wanted me to do something on Life Science®. Which wouldn't involve dead 
animals, she said. :P)

Thanks Again!
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