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RE: Has anybody heard of...

 Kupferzellia is a valid genus but it is not the Kupferzell rauisuchid. It
is a genus of Capitosaurid Temnospondyl "Amphibian" described by Rainer
Schoch in 1997 in Nues Jahrbuch.
The ref. is 

Schoch, R. 1997. A new capitosaur amphibian from the Upper Lettenkeuper
(Triassic:Ladinian) of Kupferzell (Southern Germany).N. Jb. Palaont. Abh.
203 (2): 239-272.

Adam Yates

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I was just inputing the latest JVP into my computer (finally), and came
across Kupferzellia. I haven't heard of this name. I'm sure its the
Kupferzel rauischid material. Dykes says he got it from Parrish 1993,
but Parrish just says Kupferzel rauischid not Kuperfezellia. Does anyone
know in what paper, or if for that mater, Kupferzellia was named?

Also, Merry Christmas to all.