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Re: Has anybody heard of...

Adam Yates wrote:
>  Kupferzellia is a valid genus but it is not the Kupferzell rauisuchid. It
> is a genus of Capitosaurid Temnospondyl "Amphibian" described by Rainer
> Schoch in 1997 in Nues Jahrbuch.
> The ref. is
> Schoch, R. 1997. A new capitosaur amphibian from the Upper Lettenkeuper
> (Triassic:Ladinian) of Kupferzell (Southern Germany).N. Jb. Palaont. Abh.
> 203 (2): 239-272.
> Cheers
> Adam Yates

Hey, your right. I even have a copy of the article. Me, a keeper of taxa
didn't remember seeing that name. Must be old age. But this dosen't
explain why Dykes used the name, unless he thought that that was going
to be used for the rauischid material and it wasn't.