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Re: Tenontosaurus and Acrocanthosaurus


According to Glut's latest encyclopedia, it's possible that they could have
lived together in Oklahoma and Texas(Antlers Formation) during the late to
early Aptian of the early Cretaceous. That's why Mr. Green's sculpture base
is in the form of Oklahoma. However, the tenontosaur remains in this
formation are very fragmentary, and it's not certain this material can be
assigned to Tenontosaurus. (Anybody know if this has been verified?) I don't
know of any material that shows their direct interaction, like the
Deinonychus/Tenontosaurus material.

Larry Dunn wrote:

> ---greg popwell <torvo@bellsouth.net> wrote:
> >
> > Larry,
> >
> > Would you be asking these questions because of Cliff Green's new
> > sculpture? I already have the Battat Acro, so Cliff allowed me to
> > purchase just the Tenontosaurus. Except for an old Kaiyodo model which
> > I've never seen, this is the only Tenontosaurus model that I know of.
> Ha ha!  I am so transparent!  You are two out of two to guess
> correctly.  I always wonder when I see two species interacting in a
> diorama:
> 1) did they actually live amongst each other?
> 2) Is there any evidence whatsoever for this kind of interaction?
> What better place to ask than here?
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