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Re: Ricardoestia or Richardestia?

> From: paleo_mont@excite.com
> To: dinosaur@usc.edu
> Subject: Ricardoestia or Richardestia?
> Date: Monday, January 04, 1999 2:18 PM
> I have been told that there is a small meat-eating dinosaur called
> Richardestia that was found in the Hell Creek Formation, but I have found
> information on it.   However I have found info on Ricardoestia gilmorei
> the Judith River Formation, Currie, Rigby, and Sloan 1990.  Are these two
> seperate animals or was my source incorrect on the time period and
> spelling?
> Curiously,
> K.Wicks
The name is Ricardoestesia gilmorei(Currie ,Rigby &Sloan, 1990 ) known only
by a pair of dentaries with unerupted and germ teeth. These teeth were
found in the Judith River Formation (according to Currie , et.al.).However
,in the same paper there is Richardoestesia n. gen. , evidently from the
Milk River,Scollard,Frenchman,Hell Creek& Lance Formations . The name of
the former was changed within the past year , I think . Hope this helps
(confusing as it may be !).
Regards , 
Truett Garner