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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #103

Today's mail brought the December issue of the _Journal of Vertebrate
Paleontology_, and it has a new dinosaur genus in it among other interesting
articles. Without further ado, let me note the description of the new genus
and species

_Protohadros byrdi_ Head, 1998

in the article

Head, J. J., 1998. "A new species of basal hadrosaurid (Dinosauria,
Ornithischia) from the Cenomanian of Texas," _Journal of Vertebrate
Paleontology 18_(4): 718-738 [December 28, 1998].

The title says it all. The type specimen is a disarticulated skull about 50%
complete, a figure of which decorates the issue's front cover. It's from the
Woodbine Formation of Denton County, Texas. Species name honors the
discoverer, Gary Byrd. The publication date makes it virtually certain to be
the last new dinosaur genus published in 1998.

So add as genus #845 to the Dinosaur Genera List

Protohadros Head, 1998

Other papers of dinosaurian interest include

Anderson, B. G., Lucas, S. G., Barrick, R. E., Heckert, A. B. & Basabilvazo,
G. T., 1998. "Dinosaur skin impressions and associated skeletal remains from
the upper Campanian of southwestern New Mexico: new data on the integument
morphology of hadrosaurs," _Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 18_(4): 739-745
[December 28, 1998].

Barrick, R. E., Stoskopf, M. K., Marcot, J. D., Russell, D. A. & Showers, W.
J., 1998. "The thermoregulatory functions of the _Triceratops_ frill and
horns: heat flow measured with oxygen isotopes," _Journal of Vertebrate
Paleontology 18_(4): 746-750 [December 28, 1998].

Rodriguez-De La Rosa, R. A. & Cevallos_Ferriz, S. R. S., 1998. "Vertebrates of
the El Pelillal locality (Campanian, Cerro Del Pueblo Formation), southeastern
Coahuila, Mexico," _Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 18_(4): 751-764
[December 28, 1998].

The above paper includes a nice appendix listing the Mesozoic vertebrate
localities in Mexico. Surprising amount of identifiable dinosaur material,
even though framentary.

Padian, K., 1998. Book review of Rudwick, M. J. S., 1997. _Georges Cuvier,
Fossil Bones and Geological Catastrophes_ (University of Chicago Press),
_Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 18_(4): 819-820 [December 28, 1998].

As usual, a JVP issue not to be missed!