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Re: R: One for the bird brigade

>The Hoatzin have some primitive characters together with some
>specializzation (I don't know this because the text do not cited) and it is
>not a good flighting bird because it has a short sternal carina and have a
>pectoral muscle not well developed. For me Hoatzin is the best example for
>understanding the life style of Archaeopteryx.
>Alessandro Marisa

Fine, as long as it is understood that the hoatzin is an analogue to
Archaeopteryx, not a near relative (similar to saying that ostriches are
the best living animals for understanding the lifestyle of ornithomimids).
As with any such analogue, comparisons have to be made very carefully.  For
example, there is no reason to conclude that Archaeopteryx was, like the
hoatzin, a folivore with a highly-developed social system.
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