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Re: Bounding *Thecodontosaurus*

Sherry Michael wrote:

<Since everyone's dropping names, how about "Drinker"? It's small, so
mass ouldn't be a problem. Maybe the extra large feet would help with
the springing. Is there another dino more rabbit-like?>

  I haven't much material on *Drinker*, so I can't comment a whole
lot; the pes is not highly developed and appears to be of the standard
hypsi type, while the rest of the leg is unknown to me. I will refer
to the closely related *Othnielia*, though. (Odd that through all
their animosity, Marsh and Cope get dinos named for them and they turn
out to be related! :) )

  Othnielia's hindlimb, like most hypsi, were fairly conservatively
proportioned: tibia and femur about the same length, metatarsals
short, and forelimb short, though the structure of the pectoral girdle
suggests fair quadrupedal motion, the long ilium suggests fair hindleg
control independant of dependance on the forelimb, meaning it wasn't
much of a "hopper", or even "sprinter", though I'm sure it could run.

Jaime A. Headden

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