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---darren.naish@port.ac.uk wrote:

> I've been aware of this 
> for years as I recall a segment on a TV documentary where a baby Nile 
> croc was climbing around in a tree about 5 ft off the ground. 

Another television cite: I recently was able to actually *watch* one
of the television programs I mention in my weekly mail: "The River
Dinosaur," about the Nile Crocodile.  Featured was an *adult* animal
that climbed several feet up a tree to snatch a prey carcass from a
juvenile jaguar.  (The croc then lost most of the carcass to a hyena
at water's edge, which then promptly lost it to a lion!)
> Also, believe it or not, there were feral baby crocodiles running 
> around in England in the last century and the fact that they used to 
> hide up trees was often mentioned. 

Arboreal juvenile Anglo crocs?  There will always be an England.


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