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Subject: Irritator,Suchomimus                                8:44 AM    

  Perhaps many of the assumptions I'm  about to propose  are derived from 
comparisons based on pictures( and bad  ones at that) and a quick reading of 
a paper, but has Irritator been revisited and compared to Suchomimus or 
Baryonyx?  In the 1996 Martill( et all) paper there are several comparisons  
made to place Irritator in one of the many Theropod groups.  It was deduced 
that it was not an  easy match, but Bullatosauria seemed to be the group  
with the most similar characteristics.   There is some mention of Spinosaurs 
towards the end, but it is dismissed because of a lack of material ( although 
the teeth attributed to Spino matched well with Irritator).
   I believe it  is  somewhat safe to throw Spinosaurus in with Suchomimus., 
and if I am wrong please let me know.   There appear to be superficial  
similarities between Sucho and Irritator, and from what I gather, Irritator 
was found in terrible shape but was reconstructed to the best of their 
knowledge.  Maybe it's time to look it over once more.  

  Just a pre-coffee-and -bagel thought.
David Krentz