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Re: Irritator,Suchomimus

At 09:06 AM 1/6/99 -0800, you wrote:
>Subject: Irritator,Suchomimus                                8:44 AM    
>  Perhaps many of the assumptions I'm  about to propose  are derived from 
>comparisons based on pictures( and bad  ones at that) and a quick reading of 
>a paper, but has Irritator been revisited and compared to Suchomimus or 

Yes, Irritator has been reexamined by various authors.  In fact, a new study
of the skull is in the works at present.

To my knowledge, all parties who have reexamined the Irritator material
conclude it is indeed a spinosaurid.  Furthermore, as you can find in the
paper (esp. pp. 1300-1302), there is some good evidence that Irritator is a
spinosaurine spinosaurid (i.e., closer to Spinosaurus than to Baryonyx or

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