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Anonymous Rex...

I know I'll catch heat for posting this, but it was just too funny to
pass on.  I'll be crawling back into my hole now to await your wrath...

Dino in a Man Suit Garners Six-Figure Bid 
11.16 a.m. ET (1616 GMT) January 6, 1999 
By Michael Fleming  

NEW YORK ? Villard has made a high-six-figure preemptive purchase of
Anonymous Rex, a novel by Eric Garcia that will be the imprint's lead
title for the fall.

While a high purchase price and major publishing commitment to a first
novelist is unusual, Garcia has come up with an imaginative twist to the
detective fiction genre that pits dinosaurs as the main characters.
Senior editor Jonathan Karp made the deal with lit agent Barbara Zitwer.

Anonymous Rex revolves around a down-and-out private eye's investigation
into the death of his partner. The twist is that the private eye is
actual a velociraptor, who, like the other dinosaurs still inhabiting
Earth, is well concealed in a latex suit that makes him look
convincingly like a man. While their real human counterparts are unaware
of this, the Armani-clad dinos can smell each other.

The novel's a comic mystery described as a cross between Lives of the
Monster Dogs and Who Framed Roger Rabbit, said persons in the know, who
added that, among other things, an interspecies sex scene is quite

Class conflicts arise between the various species of Jurassics, and the
novel is peppered with real people. Among them is rock legend and former
Creedence Clearwater Revival frontman John Fogerty, who, according to
Garcia, is really an ornithomimus in disguise.

Garcia is a 26-year-old L.A.-based grad of Cornell and USC who recently
sold the script "Safecracker" to Netter Digital Entertainment, producers
of Babylon 5.

Karp made the buy before other publishers even had the chance to see the
book. Given the strong visual potential and Hollywood's continuing
fixation on dinosaurs, it's hardly a surprise that Creative Artists
Agency will begin shopping the screen rights early today.