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forwarded with permission

"Farlow,James" wrote:
>      Aw geez, leave me alone, OK?   :)
>      FYI, I AM working on crocs now, but not exactly what you suggested.
>      I'm measuring toe lengths, limb segment lengths, and body lengths, to
>      see what ontogenetic, intraspecific, and interspecific differences
>      there are among species.  This is completing the phylogenetic bracket
>      around dinosaurs, since I've already done a lot of this for ground
>      birds.
>      I spent a week last summer at the Savannah River Ecology Lab in South
>      Carolina, measuring small and mid-sized alligators, and this year I'm
>      going back after the biggies.  Among other useful things I've learned
>      how to tell boy and girl gators apart.  You roll them over onto their
>      backs, stick your finger up the cloaca, and feel around.  If you feel
>      something, it's a boy.  About this time the boy gators start objecting
>      rather vigorously to this bit of curiosity.  Can't imagine why...
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> Author:  bettyc@flyinggoat.com at Internet
> Date:    1/6/99 11:20 AM
> Maybe Farlow should stop chading his emus long enough to chase a few
> crocs up a tree......in the interests of science, of course