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><<Moving toward rather less dodgy ground, there have been occasional
>references in the technical literature to occasional arboreality in
>crocs. In one of his papers (either 1972, 1974 or 1977: haven't had time
>to check) Alick Walker cited arboreality in primitive
>crocodylomorphs as a character shared with birds, and noted
>that extant crocodile juveniles apparently preserve this primitive
>behaviour. Reviewing Walker's phylogenetic proposals, Tarsitano and
>Hecht (1980) listed Walker's crocodile-bird characters, and, as
>character (14), wrote..>>
>His 1972 paper outlines this.  Actually an extremely interesting paper
>(and before Ostrom 1973; wonder why it didn't catch on :-)), he lists a
>1961 Cott paper (Cott, H. B., Trans. Zool. Soc., 29, 211 (1961)), as a
>reference to arboreality in baby crocs.

I'll have to recheck my copy of Cott,  but I don't recall him saying
anything about croc arboreality.  In any case, much of what Cott wrote was

Also very interesting, crocs
>have a motion in their wrists very similiar to the wing-folding
>mechanism in bird wrists (functional linkage of wrist and forelimb
>joints of Molnar, 1985).  Walker sites this an arboreal specialization
>(actually a primitive, hold-over specialization).

On this, I disagree with Walker.  The croc wrist is comprised of two very
long proximal elements followed by small, stubby distal elements.  The
motion is very unlike that of a bird, with a great deal of up-and-down
motion rather than the side-to-side movement emphasized in maniraptorans.
The morphology in basal crocodyliforms (e.g. Sphenosuchus) more closely
approximates that of something trying to add an extra segment for

Derived theropods have a very large distal element (the semilunate), and
the emphasized movement is opposite that of crocs.


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