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Re: EATIN' DINO (joke)

Just to add to the tasteful debate:

    I've eaten crocodile (cajun-style and sauted) - It tasted like a cross
between chicken and seafood (or fish) - only it had the texture of
overcooked mushrooms.  (The taste reminded me of frog legs).

    Ostrich meat, as noted before, is red, and tastes like very lean beef.

    Dinosaur meat probably ran the gamut from reptilian-type tastes, thru
the crocodillian-type, to ostrich-type, to something like our well-known
large mammals (cattle, buffalo, elephant),  to some unknownable taste - much
like the unknowable taste of _Indricotherium_ meat.  (I won't include
mammoth meat - since some frozen [probably somewhat putrid] mammoth meat has
been eaten by some explorers {and their dogs} - They were somewhat put-off
by the 6 inch hairs on the carcass).

    Oh well, I suppose that we'll have to let 'Bronto Burgers' remain a
thing of the Flintstones....

        Allan Edels

        Allan Edels

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>At 11:52 AM 1/6/99 -0500, it was written:
>>I can see it now.  The great  "what did dinosaurs taste like?"  debate.
>>Truly one of the burning questions of our times.  Birds?  Crocs?  Would a
>>phylogenetic analysis answer this question?  A morphological analysis?
>>Comparasion to extant large mammals?  No, no, dinosaurs were their own
>>unique animals, they tasted like nothing else in the world.  Well, they
>>started out tasting like one thing, then their sheer mass forced them
>>into another role, where their taste changed completely.
>But a sauropod would feed a family of four for a long time.