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Re: Yumping On The Debased Saurian Bandwagon

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From: Danvarner@aol.com Date: 6. januar 1999 19:37
Subject: Yumping On The Debased Saurian Bandwagon

>  If you get the Animal Planet Channel on cable or perhaps the Discovery
>Channel, keep an eye out for a program I believe is titled Crocodile
>Paleolife artists ought to have videotapes ready as the Austrailian-based
>program is loaded with good stuff....

I have taped it, of course. Neat stuff, although the "hunter" Steve has an
annoying habit of using words "huge" and "massive" way too often. I don't
remember any crocodiles featured as climbing a tree in this documentary
program (which doesn't mean they can't climb). I do remember though, they
could jump surprisingly high out of the water to catch offered fish. The
crocodilian rather short and straight claws do not seem to be well suited
for climbing. However, climbing with such claws is not impossible. I've seen
dogs climb a tree. That doesn't put them among the arboreal creatures, of
course. Bears are very good climbers, but I don't think they are considered
I also realized it is much easier for nonarboreal  occasional climbers to
down from the tree than to get up.

Berislav Krzic