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>While certain fossil crocs may perhaps have been specialised climbers 
>(Paul, has it been published yet?*), 


extant crocs can and 
>apparently **very occasionally** do climb. I've been aware of this 
>for years as I recall a segment on a TV documentary where a baby Nile 
>croc was climbing around in a tree about 5 ft off the ground.

check out ?Cott's big 1960's monograph on the Nile crocodile, I think there
are some references in that. 

>* No mention of it in the paper that names _Mekosuchus 

No! But I'm working on some Mekosuchus post cranials from Quantum Leap Site
at Riversleigh as well as material from New Caledonia and this croc is
certainly doing something out of the ordinary for a croc. Climbing trees is
one possibility.



Dr Paul M.A.Willis
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