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Re: Yumping On The Debased Saurian Bandwagon

In a message dated 1/7/99 4:01:31 AM Eastern Standard Time,
veselinka.stanisavac@siol.net writes:

<< I also realized it is much easier for nonarboreal  occasional climbers to
 down from the tree than to get up. >>

As it happens, while reading this I glanced out the window at a morose cat
sitting on a tree limb.  He'd decided that if he sat next to the bird feeder
the prey would come to him.  I can hear the prey sitting in the surrounding
trees deciding that he is in fact as dumb as he looks.  He has decided to come
down.  I can tell because he stands up, looks down, and wiggles.  He is now
sitting down again to think about his problem while looking at the door in
hopes I'll come out and solve it for him.
I know how this will come out.  He will start running down the tree trunk and
leap off just before he runs head first into the ground.  Then he will come
into the house, blame me, and noisily eat crunchies.
The occasional climber hates the idea of coming down from the tree and would
disagree with your comment.