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Re: Dinosaur Tracks


    As you might imagine, there can be some difficulty and controversy when
determining whether the track is a 'surface track' or an 'under track' or an
'over track'.  To be absolutely certain that you have a 'surface track', you
should be able to see skin impressions in the track.  Otherwise, you have to
base your determination on experience and other clues.  Ray Stanford or Jim
Farlow (both on the Dino list, last time I checked) should be able to
elaborate more than I have.

    Allan Edels

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From: Brandon Haist <brandonc@advant.com>
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Date: Wednesday, January 06, 1999 11:40 PM
Subject: Dinosaur Tracks


>The reason for this mistake is that
>one may think an 'under track' is a 'surface track' that was eroded.  My
>question is how do you know for sure that you are actually looking at a
>surface track without all the detail, or that you are looking at an 'under
>track'?  It sounds like the two are easily confused.
>~Brandon Haist