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Re: Yumping On The Debased Saurian Bandwagon

>>  If you get the Animal Planet Channel on cable or perhaps the Discovery
>>Channel, keep an eye out for a program I believe is titled Crocodile

>Treat this guys stuff with a kilo of salt. He is a sensationalist and most
>of his comments on biology that I've heard are extremely suspect.

Yes, Steve Irwin is a sensationalist, but that is because he is appealing to
the general public about Crocs, poisonous snakes, and other things that go
bump in the night.  The action is to appeal to a generally non science
oriented public, and to get them to go out and experience the outdoors.  As
most know, people are afraid most of what they don't understand or know or
see; hence the exposing the public to all that they usually don't see. Most
of the few who do see the crocs see them via a rifle scope - and shooting or
killing the predators in a place where feral animals run rampant is never
a good idea.  Since this is not geared towards science, they are a little
less focused on the facts and more on showing viewers that "you can stand on
a croc and not get eaten, so it is not all that bad!"

I started to object to the Biology part, but then I remembered how mad I get
whenever they say "these are awesome dinosaurs"!  I keep saying "They're not
dinosaurs!!!", but my dad just laughs.

As for Terry the "screaming Seppo of a wife of his....", I have to object
here.  For a woman who almost falls off a 180 ft gorge, nearly gets eaten by
a crocodile, gets bitten by pythons, and scratched and bitten nearly every
show, well she still comes back for more [intelligently I may add].  She
controls her fears and gets into some not so good situations with her
husband.  I can't say that I know one woman immediately in my life who would
go out and do 1/10 of what she does, let alone be out near crocs, snakes,
and other angry wildlife.  I guess it is all a matter of perspective!

By the way if I had an address to write to Steve, I would send him a
Thesaurus and a Dinosaur book!

As mentioned before, the shows are excellent sources of crocodile footage,
much of which is close up and in the wild.  Yet for being a crocodile show
it has a lot of other wildlife in it.  I like how some people say that
Dinosaurs were cold blooded lizards.  Well, even if they were exotherms and
reptiles, they still would be something to contend with.  An example of this
is where Steve is saying how the Crocs are the "king of their domain", and
to illustrate this he tosses a small rock into the water and out bursts a 12
foot croc, from an area where you would have sworn was empty.  Reptiles can
make extremely fast bursts of speed.  I have had the vast assortment of
reptile, mammals, and fish as pets [one even an iguana], and most can go
incredibly fast!  So even if the dinosaurs were ectotherms [which I don't
believe was the case for all of them], then they would have still been
awesome creatures for a time where much of the Earth was warm and may have
been high in Oxygen.  Perhaps Dinosaurs would have been terrible dragons no
matter what their metabolism would have been.  This is all excluding birds,
although I do recall the excitement of the "Terror Birds" from Florida a
year or two ago.  If you use your imagination, the birds seemed to have
re-evolved into a dinosaur resembling carnivore, with solid bones and a
beak.  Of course "common sense" and "imagination" must be carefully
controlled, or the facts may become biased.
~Brandon Haist