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Re: Dino brains

Ronald Orenstein <ornstn@home.com> writes:
> Unless I am wrong, relative cranial capacity of
> even the largest-brained non-avian dinos was well below that of
> birds - even ratites, which appear to be dumb as posts.  Certainly
> in the parrot line....
Philip Currie gives _Troodon_ an EQ (encephalization quotient) within the
range known for extant neornithines.  For more on IQ and EQ, see my post
from 5/26/98: "Re: IQ & EQ" and other posts of that time frame.  There are
caveats regarding what we can infer from brain endocasts, but they're
better than nothing!  Now, back to more tasteful discussions...

-- Ralph Miller III     gbabcock@best.com

"More brains!"