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Re: dinosaur steaks and muscle fiber types

Domestic rabbit is a white meat-very much like chicken white breast,
while wild rabbit is dark meat (note: NOT red meat).  Chicken has a
little bit of both.  A theropod could easily be this part white meat and
part dark meat.  I understand that white meat and dark meat on a chicken
is merely differences in blood usuage (but not sure why bunnies would be
different wild vs tame.).

What precludes a white meat and a red meat on the same animal?  

-Betty Cunningham 

James Norton wrote:
> Perhaps the thread about eating dino meat can be turned into something 
> scientific.  Ostrich meat is dark and "steak-like" because of the 
> preponderance of fatigue-resistance, "red" muscle fibers, highly aerobic and 
> signifying a creature that is very active.  Croc meat, especially the tail, 
> looks more like chicken breast or white fish because the muscle fibers are 
> more of the fatigue-prone, anaerobic, glycogen-dependent, "white" type.  
> Those of us who consider dinos as highly active would expect a theropod steak 
> to be more like bear meat than chicken, red, juicy, and flavorful.