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Re: CNN:fossil Jurassic reptile(unknown type) in China

On Thu, 07 Jan 1999 09:26:22 -0800 Betty Cunningham
<bettyc@flyinggoat.com> writes:
>The 116-centimeter-long fossilized skeleton is from an animal with a
>small head, sharp teeth, and a 62-centimeter-long tail. Li says that 
>is possible that its backbone was plated to protect it from attack and
>that it lived on small fish. 
>Specialists say that the animal's long neck means that it is a new 
>of lizard and they believe that it may have been a kind of extinct
>lizard species, because no other reptile fossils found show any close
>relation to it.

   That seems like an odd thing to say about lizards.  I just had a
beautiful iguana which I owned for about five years die in August and his
neck was very short and stocky.  He was about the same length as this
specimen as well.   Same for the iguana before that; short, thick, brawny
neck.  This is just my iguana-centric view of lizards, but the tail seems
short too.  In fact, it sounds something like the second coming of
*Sinosauropteryx* (but that had a pretty long tail too).  Are the limbs
and\or girdles known in this specimen?
Thanks in Advance-*Thescelosaurus*  

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