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Re: Yumping On The Debased Saurian Bandwagon

Philidor11 wrote:

<The occasional climber hates the idea of coming down from the tree
and would disagree with your comment.>

  Cats are fond of climbing. And da, it is easier to go up then down,
especially for cats. They're built for the pursuit and the chase; but
after one find's oneself about seven feet up and worried about
breaking a leg trying to get back down, the animal will, of course,
hesitate. The bigger the animal, the worse it will be, because of the
increased mass.

  Consider: if the animal _did_ break a leg or sprain a tendon or
overstretch a muscle jumping out of a tree, what would be the chances
of it's survival? If it is a wild animal, like a leopard or jaguar
(who habitually climb, and I've seen bone hesitate before going
down---but those Nyasa lions were the worst) the animal will not have
humans to save it, and unlike some domestic cats, will not even
consider aid. Though for some lions and tigers, I've seen the family
care for an injury, often futily, before abandoning the aniaml, and in
one case, the animal recovered and mothered her own family,

  Anyway, the cat was considering its options, judging distance, and
thinking about the possible effects of its leap down. Yeah, first he
wanted help, but when there was none, he decided to do it on his own.
Cats are fickle creatures.

  A cat-lover,
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