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Re: Eustreptospondylus Q's

My rabbit often walks using his back legs "one-at-a-time", but shifts to
hopping at a fairly low speed.  I've never bothered to check the Froude
Number at his transition speed, but suspect the transition would always
happen at the same value. I also don't know if this action is an
idiosyncrasy of my particular rabbit, but speculate that it isn't.
Jim Cunningham

> <8.   Another thought:  birds both walk & hop, but I can't remember
> ever seeing a 'roo or a rabbit use their rear legs in a
> "one-at-a-time" movement.>
>   I've seen crows walk in alternating steps. And also, this goes back
> to questions of whether squirrels could alternate their hindlimbs when
> crossing narrow ledges or branches, instead of hopping, and I have so
> observed them taking "normal" steps, but slowly. They turn to hopping
> when they pick up speed. Meaning, scansorial animals do not require
> locked hindlimbs to climb. And for those who didn't see "National
> Geographic Explorer" Sunday, neither do Golden Lion Tamarins, fully
> and functionally arboreal.
>   <Janet>
> ==
> Jaime A. Headden