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Re: Allosaurus skeleton information

perhaps you would like to look at the bronze ANTS Allosaur skeleton
currently available?  I have the 1:12 resin casting of this Allosaur and
it is fabulous.  http://www.ants-inc.com/allo_prime.html

-Betty Cunningham

"Simon, Robert (RISI)" wrote:
> A friend of mine is an expert in bronze casting and we wish to embark on a
> project to create a bronze cast of an Allosaurus skeleton at about 1:10
> scale. We want this bronze to be anatomically correct in all aspects and are
> having trouble locating good descriptions, photos, drawings of an Allosaurus
> skeleton which we can utilize. Our preference would be to utilize
> sketches/photos of an actual, complete skeleton if possible. Any help
> concerning where to locate such information would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Bob Simon
> risi@chevron.com