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Re: Lewis and Clark

This is tugging a memory...
I think I'm recalling a Smithsonian article on Thomas Jefferson (it was
about the time Barry Bostwick had been Jefferson on a made-for-TV movie
you see) that discussed mounted moose skeletons in France and the fossil
mammal remains that Lewis and Clark sent to him (that may have been
named something-or-other jeffersonii in his honor?)

This was read a while ago (many years even) and not dinosaur but I'm
wondering if this might not be that?  

-Betty Cunningham

Patrick Norton wrote:
> In a journal entry in 1803, Lewis (of Lewis and Clark) wrote of finding a 42
> foot long "perfectly petrified" vertebrae in the shale on the south side of
> the Missouri river in what is now South Dakota, just north of the
> Nebraska-So. Dakota border. He excavated pieces of the bone and sent them to
> Thomas Jefferson.
> The bedrock in that area is upper Cretaceous shale and chalk. Although Lewis
> wrote that the backbone "tapered towards the tail". He thought it was a
> "fish", but I'm wondering if it may have been a dinosaur or one of the
> species of marine reptiles around at the time.  Any speculation on what it
> may have been? Unfortunately, that's all the information he provided.