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[Fwd: Lewis and Clark]

 do you see what this person Mitch Laffey is doing?
He is spamming responses to the dinosaur list.
He has hit me for every single one of my postings today.
This is very bad and I want it stopped NOW.

I apologize to the rest of the list, but I have a feeling I am not the
only one getting SPAM bombed and that if this matter is brought out into
the open air this will be addressed QUITE quickly.

-Betty Cunningham
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---Betty Cunningham <bettyc@flyinggoat.com> wrote:
> This is tugging a memory...
> I think I'm recalling a Smithsonian article on Thomas Jefferson (it was
> about the time Barry Bostwick had been Jefferson on a made-for-TV movie
> you see) that discussed mounted moose skeletons in France and the fossil
> mammal remains that Lewis and Clark sent to him (that may have been
> named something-or-other jeffersonii in his honor?)
> This was read a while ago (many years even) and not dinosaur but I'm
> wondering if this might not be that?  
> -Betty Cunningham
> Patrick Norton wrote:
> > 
> > In a journal entry in 1803, Lewis (of Lewis and Clark) wrote of finding a 42
> > foot long "perfectly petrified" vertebrae in the shale on the south side of
> > the Missouri river in what is now South Dakota, just north of the
> > Nebraska-So. Dakota border. He excavated pieces of the bone and sent them to
> > Thomas Jefferson.
> > 
> > The bedrock in that area is upper Cretaceous shale and chalk. Although Lewis
> > wrote that the backbone "tapered towards the tail". He thought it was a
> > "fish", but I'm wondering if it may have been a dinosaur or one of the
> > species of marine reptiles around at the time.  Any speculation on what it
> > may have been? Unfortunately, that's all the information he provided.

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