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web links up on site

I have now posted my VERY LONG PAGEv1.0 of science links on my website:

These have been collected for the past 4 years and some be out of date. 
If you find a weblisting non-functional or in error or moved I would
appreciate it if you email me the name of the problem bookmark on my
list.  (I suspect a great deal of the news articles are invalid).  I can
remove offenders easier than I can retrace them. As you can see its an
extensive list and I simply do not have time to go back in and check
them individually myself.

I have an additional 200 or so URLs that are newer than these posted but
have not yet had time to process them in.  Please don't be offended if
your site is not included as it simply may be part of this later set.

The paleontology section starts about half way down and continues to the

-Betty Cuunningham