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Re: Genyornis: why not the bloody dingoes?

>Researchers have apparently attributed extinctions of Genyornis to
>burning their food vegetation and otherwise disrupting their niche.

>But why not predation by early aboriginals and, indeed, their dogs, the

In my readings on Megalania prisca I learned that the know-wots think
that major changes in climate in Meganesia had at least as much to do
with M's adios status as human encroachment.  Perhaps the same applies
to your large bird thingie.  Sometimes we overrate our own impact.  We
are not the cause of everything.

Personally, I would not have wanted to go out hunting Megalania prisca
... but I guess that's better than having it go out hunting you.

"Putting all reason aside
You exchange what you've got
For a thing that's hypnotic and strange"

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