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Re: dinofest volume

Chris (and others):

    For information about the DinoFest International Symposium Proceedings
 (for 1996 - published 1998):

    You can go to the DinoFest web site "DinoMall" and order it directly.
The Web site is: www.dinofest.org/mall/mall.html .  The cost is $24.99 + 6%
tax for PA residents, plus $4.90 shipping.

    They have other publications and videos from DinoFest also at the site.
[I'm not sure if it is STILL available via this site.]

    You can also contact the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia
(ANSP) for information, since they are the ones who put the publication
together.  They are at:
        Academy of Natural Sciences
        1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway
        Philadelphia, PA 19103
        Tel: 215-299-1000

    Hope this helps,

            Allan Edels

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Date: Friday, January 08, 1999 4:17 PM
Subject: dinofest volume

>Does anyone know who is distributing the proceedings from the second
>Dinofest meeting?  I know the first is published through the Paleo Society,
>but I would like to obtain a copy of the second.
>Christopher Brochu
>Department of Geology
>Field Museum of Natural History
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