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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #104

E-mail correspondent Matt Lamanna (University of Pennsylvania) writes:

"...I have information on a new basal sauropod or very large
prosauropod, _Gongxianosaurus shibeiensis_, published in Acta Geologica
Sichuan last year.  I noticed that it is not included on the Genera List...

"He Xinlu, Wang Changsheng, Liu Shangzhong, Zhou Fengyun, Liu Tuqiang,
Cai Kaiji, and Dai Bing 1998. 'A new sauropod dinosaur from the early
Jurassic in Gongxian County, south Sichuan,' _Acta Geologica Sichuan 18_(1),

"Animal is a large, quadrupedal (~14 m) prosauropod or early sauropod
(the abstract is confusing in this regard, although the title certainly
implies sauropod), represented by premaxillae and a fairly complete
postcranial skeleton.  It is from the Dongyuemiao Member of the Lower
Jurassic Ziliujing Formation.

"My friend and colleague Hailu You informed me of this animal..."

Many thanks to Matt and colleague Hailu You for passing this along, and for
the copy of the paper itself, which is on its way here. I had not heard of the
cited journal before.

Accordingly, we add genus #846 to the Dinosaur Genera List:

Gongxianosaurus He, Wang, Liu S., Zhou, Liu T., Cai & Dai, 1998

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