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Re: Allosaurus skeleton information

On Sat, 9 Jan 1999, Allan Edels wrote:
> Robert (et al):
>     I know that there was an apparently complete _Allosaurus_ skeleton
> mounted at Princeton University's Guyot Hall (Guyot is pronounced 'ge-yo').
> This is where they used to have their paleontology department.  (There is
> also a Saber-tooth cat mounted next to a modern TIger specimen).  I don't
> know if they moved it when they sold the majority of the department's
> holdings.
>     Also, there is a nice skeleton at the AMNH in New York City.  In
> addition, Tom Holtz has previously told me that the _T. rex_ mount at the
> Academy of Natural Sciences here in Phila. (which is cast from the AMNH _T.
> rex_) uses the tail of an _Alllosaurus_ to fill in the missing parts.

Other Allosaurus friends be sure to check out the University of Wyoming's
mount of a very complete Allosaurus:


See also our Geology Department's home page at


for other info.