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SNAFU or SOP; you decide

First, some of the messages sent to the dinosaur list last week
(particularly on the subject of a crocodile hunter from Oz) suggest
that I should remind people about section 8f of the administrative
rules...  Please don't send to the list messages containing nasty
things about people; if you want to complain about someone's science
(or lack thereof), cite specific examples.  Don't just tell us not to
trust them and don't make snide comments about them (or their wives,
dogs or whatever).  If you want to complain about anything besides
their science please send it someplace else.

Second, before sending something to the whole list, think about
whether or not the whole list really needs to see the thing in
question...  I can sort of understand Betty's reasoning when she wrote
about the responses she was getting from mitchgl@yahoo.com (at that
point she didn't know for sure that others were getting the same
message), and I can *almost* understand why one person would comment
that Betty wasn't alone, but how many people did we need to hear from
to recognize the generality of the problem?  (If you're one of the
culprits, please don't now consider writing to the list with an
apology or any other continuance of the discussion -- that would be
worse than any of the original infractions!)

Third, about that problem...  I have removed mitchgl@yahoo.com from
the subscriber list and instructed the listprocessor not to accept
mail from that address any longer.  However, I suspect that the "spam"
was unintentional.  The only other information I have about the owner
of the account relates to his attempt to subscribe to the list (almost
exactly a month ago).  Given the level of, um... expertise displayed
at that time I suspect he doesn't know a whole lot about computers
(yes, I appreciate the irony).  To investigate further, I have
contacted yahoo.com and mitchgl directly.  Unless related problems
occur or you write to me directly to ask for an update, though, the
matter will be closed as far as the list is concerned.  For Bri... I
mean, for those of you that weren't directly "spammed" I apologize
that you had to hear of this at all.  For those of you that were
"spammed" I feel your pain...  Sometimes I think that if all computers
shut down next January it could be a good thing :-)

How's that for a state of the list address?

As always, your humble list sheriff,

Mickey Rowe     (mrowe@indiana.edu)