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New Tyrannosaurus Drawing

To all:

Well, about time I finally finished that Daspletosaurus drawing and moved on
to something new!  Well, I figured _Tyrannosaurus rex_ would be my next
target, since, well, it would be prudent for me to have a good rendering of
that beast.  If any of you are familiar with the drawing I did for the cover
of Dinosaur Discoveries #1, this new drawing, "Gathering in the Glade," is
based roughly on that.  However, the new one will be at least a hundred times
better, trust me. :)  

My sketches of the four main subjects (mommy, daddy, junior, and baby) can be
found composited into one image at
http://members.aol.com/raptorrkc/tyrannos.gif.  It's a little over 100k, so be
patient!  Please, please, please send feedback to me at raptorrkc@aol.com --
please don't post directly to the list, since I get it in digest form and I
don't have enough time to sift through them regularly.  Any comments,
criticism, whatever are greatly appreciated.  I want this picture to me as
accurate as I am able (to make up for the atrocities of its predecessor), but
I need help!

Thanks, all.

Rachel "lurking in the shadows" Clark