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Going into hiding

   A recent problem involving List members adds a rather ironic exclamation
point to this announcement.  Very soon, I will go into "hiding", reading
the List but no longer replying to the list at large.

   The reason is spam.

   It was bad enough when spammers sent one message, but now they use
robots to comb the web and usenet, use multiple email list CDs, and use
multiple servers to violate as many people as they can.  I now receive two
to SIX copies of every spam sent to my mailbox, to the point where it's
gotten overwhelming.

   As such I am shutting down my current address.  The new address will not
be put on my web pages, nor will it be used on usenet.  Unfortunately, that
means I will no longer be able to write to the List as every message is
posted to the web complete with email address.  If Mickey can find a way to
have the address suppressed in the archive I'll be happy to participate
again, but until then any replies I make will be in private.

   The new address won't be a state secret so you can give it out to
trusted parties, but I do ask that folks do NOT post it to the web, usenet,
or anywhere where a spammer or his little robot can grab it.  Private
replies to List questions or issues may be posted back to the List, but
with my email address removed of course.

   For those who send me material for my website, if I forget to email my
new address to you, you can use the feedback form at
http://www.dinosauria.com/email.html to let me know.

   As I say on my website, "... I'd even consider the death penalty for
these creeps [(spammers)]...."

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