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GSP illustrations

   Because Mr. Greg Paul is such a popular and well-respected person on 
this list, I thought it would be appropriate to suggest a perhaps 
not-so-popular book in which his paintings appear.  It is called 
_Dinosaurs!_, World Book, Inc., Chicago, Illinois (1987), and it's a 
supplement to Childcraft- The How and Why Library.  In it are (rare?) 
illustrations of an _Apatosaurus_ stomping out an _Allosaurus_, a 
_Torosaurus_ warding off a tyrannosaur, bathing _Segnosaurus_, and much 
more- all done by Mr. Paul himself.  I'd urge you to check it out since 
the pictures are fantastic.

   (By the way, Mr. Paul is in no way paying me to write this... unless, 
of course, he wants to.)

- Jordan Mallon

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