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Re: Eustreptospondylus Q's

Philidor11 wrote:

<I may have missed a posting somehow, but from this discussion it
appears that it is at least theoretically possible to distinguish
between hunting dinosaurs who sprinted and those who had long chases?
Wouldn't this also show which dinosaurs' defense was running away
quickly? Sounds like a really important lifestyle indicator.>

  I may be, but I have a little difficulty seeing how such a character
would show a likelyhood to run, or to stand and find. The longer femur
than tibia (a generally slower animal) would indicate simply that,
slowness; while armament, or special adaptations of skeletal features
to allow combat or similar forms of behavior, would show the ability
to stand and fight, but consider: white tail deer, who have very short
femurs and very long tibiae (like all cervids) will stand and fight
_or_ run away.

  It depends on the antlers, which by their own composition, will not
fossilized. Who knows, maybe hypsies and hadrosaurs had antlers or

  I personally beleive that hadrosaurids were perfectly capable of
defending themselves, by foot or by beak.

Jaime A. Headden

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