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Re: Protohadros's diet and hadrosaurs generally

---RAY D STANFORD <STARSONG@prodigy.net> wrote:

>     While I'm not sure of the current trend of opinion as to whether
> Hadrosaurs ate aquatic vegetation, there an illustration in which I
have for
> years delighted,  in a book first published in 1972 by Rand McNally
and Co.


>     The illustration, full-page and in color, showns a
> (1/3rd above water) view of a nearby, under-water swimming
Anatosaurus about
> to engorge a substantial section of an aguatic plant 

I understand that the prevailing opinion is that hadrosaurs mostly ate
low-lying foliage rather than aquatic plants.  Evidence of this has
been found in mummified hadrosaurs, for instance.

I'm wondering whether any other hadrosaur species have been suggested
as eaters of aquatic vegetation.  Further, I wonder if the teeth of
_Protohadros_ indicate and aquatic diet.


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