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Re: CNN: fossils as art?(long)

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 These giant blocks are part of the exhibit "Fossil Art," which has been
 touring North American natural history museums for the past year.
 Created by German paleontologist Adolf Seilacher, the show explores how
 the blossoming of animal life transformed the landscape of the ocean
 bottom. At the same time, Seilacher's displays delve into the murky
 chasm separating art from science, forcing viewers to consider how the
 two endeavors overlap. In the process, it raises the thorny question,
 Can fossils be considered a form of art? 

  This is a terrific idea and I think I'll have to get up there and take a
look at it. From a dinosaurian perspective, one could do something similar
with R.T.Bird and go one step further, featuring not only casts of the
trackways from Texas and elsewhere, but also Bird's trackway diagrams, and his
restorations of the trackmakers as well. Talk about "found" objects. Sorry.
Dan Varner.