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Going into hiding - despamming may be better.

In article <>, Jeff
Poling <jpoling@dinosauria.com> writes
>   A recent problem involving List members adds a rather ironic exclamation
>point to this announcement.  Very soon, I will go into "hiding", reading
>the List but no longer replying to the list at large.
>   The reason is spam.
>   It was bad enough when spammers sent one message, but now they use
>robots to comb the web and usenet, use multiple email list CDs, and use
>multiple servers to violate as many people as they can.  I now receive two
>to SIX copies of every spam sent to my mailbox, to the point where it's
>gotten overwhelming.

I have two suggestions.  One: get a copy of Demon Internet's Turnpike
package (http://www.turnpike.com), or another package which allows you
to send a rejection message to SPAM saying "message undeliverable".
They soon get the hint. 

The other is to use the facilities which you can see at
http://www.nospam.demon.co.uk. There really is such an address, and the
owner is collecting spams. If you use, e.g. dinosaur@nospam.demon.co.uk,
but have a suitably disguised real address for humans to read in the
body text (see the sig), you can send out your stuff with only minimal
spam response.  I've tried it, it works well.  I get maybe one spam a
week; it used to be several a day. 

HTH, and sympathy. 

Richard Keatinge