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RE: Loch Ness

I also saw the show on Nessie. The photograph experiment was neat, but 
one thing that bugged me about the idea of the shape in the picture 
being a plieseosaur(sp). was the angle of the neck in the photo...it 
looked fairly unnatural to me.
I enjoyed the pictures of prehistoric life (The whale, and 
pleiseosaurs(sp)), as well as the idea about the monster possibly being 
the sturgon fish..(or whatever it was...it's morning...and my brains not 
awake yet).
I think the idea that made the most sense to me was of the giant fish, 
or someone's over-active immagination. The idea of giant prehistoric 
life in the loch was neat but...there's hardly any evidence for it...
But still, the topic of extinct life surviving to today is 
-Jessica W.
Not the morning person.

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