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[Fwd: Looking for dinosaur poster]

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please respond to cpearl@acm.org, not me

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Subject: Looking for dinosaur poster
Date: Wed, 13 Jan 1999 19:43:01 GMT
From: cpearl@acm.org
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Newsgroups: alt.dinosaur


I'm new to the group, and I looked around for a FAQ but was unable to
one. I also went to dejanews and did a search for 'poster' and 'art' and
other things; I'm not even sure if this the right place to ask this
but here goes..

Years ago I bought a poster from the Nature Company in the US that had
looked like a brachiosaurus crossing a freeway.  Cars were crashing and
people looking up as it crossed; I think maybe it was supposed to be in
Germany or some Eurpoean country.. I can't remember, but I do remember
a three-wheeled car.

The poster has since been torn up during many moves and I always figured
could just go back to the Nature Company and pick up another.  However,
then I've gone back on numerous occasions and, while they seem to
such a poster, it's no longer available.

Is anyone here familiar with this print?  I'd like to find out the name
artist at least so I might be better equipped to search for it.

Thanks a lot,
Cathy    cpearl@acm.org