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RE: Loch Ness

   You may be referring to the Megamouth shark, which is a real, recently
discovered species of shark.  The subject of prehistoric "survivors" has
been covered pretty thoroughly on the list in earlier discussions.  But, in
a sense, dinosaurs did survive: as modern birds. :-)
   As far as NON avian survivors of prehistoric reptiles (like Plesiosaurs)
or dinosaurs, The Scottish Highlands (which I have visited several times)
seems a
very unlikely candidate for a location.  I can't think of the name of the
critter, but there were numerous stories about a potential sauropod survivor
near Lake Tele (sp???) in the Congo.  Even the National Geographic had a
story about this claim.  But, what is lacking is verifiable evidence.
Anecdotes are interesting, but pretty useless from a scientific standpoint.
Do unknown species turn up from time to time: yes.  Would most of us on the
list like to find a Mesozoic survivor: probably yes.  Is it POSSIBLE: yes.
Is it likely: unfortunately no.   We humans have vivid imaginations &
legends tend to take on a life of their own, picking up anecdotal
"verification" as they roll along.
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        I think that for a plesiosaur to surive there would have to be
multiple of
        them and thus more sightings should occur. If it had to breathe air
        lungs, it would have to surface often. Even whales can only hold
their breath
        for 20 to no more than an hour at a time until it must surface and
        there for a time. It seems that if something that large lived in a
        confined area it should be seen more often.

        I watched a show a few weeks ago which was about hoaxes of bigfoot,
        the Loch Ness monster and others. I showed how easy it was to make a
        believable hoax and told exactly how they did it. It also mentioned
        people who came out and told that their sighting were staged even
after many
        people believed. I think those people are just trying to "earn" fame
        fortune, and I think the public is too eager to eat it up.

        I read a book last summer entitled MEG. I was about about a
        extincted gigantic shark, Megalosaurus or something like that, which
        for millions of years in the hot waters on the ocean floor by vents
        released hot gases. It survied the ice age like that and then gets
to the
        surface in the book and chases havic of all sorts but I was
wondering if
        anyone had read this or if there was such a shark. I know there's a
        theropod named the same. If anyone has read it, did you think it was
a very
        plausable way of surviving?