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RE: Loch Ness

At 04:38 PM 13/01/1999 -0800, you wrote:
>       I read a book last summer entitled MEG. 

Meg is a novel, not fact.  In fact a review of the book by noted author
Richard Ellis was posted on the web a while back; as I recall Ellis tore
the book to shreds for its many inaccuracies and generally ridiculous premise.

Anyway, the survival of a shark known from fossil remains less than 100,000
years old is certainly not very comparable to the survival of a plesiosaur! 

The name of the shark, by the way, is Carcharodon megalodon (though some
authorities put it in its own genus).  This is not the "same" name as the
dinosaur Megalosaurus; anyway, "mega" just means "big" and shows up in many
scientific names.
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